Regents Pizza, High Fidelity & Old World Wines

Promises of pizza is one way to mentally manage an ugly work week. Fueled by pizza motivation, this grueling week ends with a midnight pickup from Regents Pizzeria of La Jolla’s UTC area. Ignoring the temptation of their stuffed-crust Chicago style pizza offerings, requiring an impossible 45 minutes when ordering 30 minutes before closing, I instead opted for an equally luxurious prosciutto and truffle oil flavors found in the New York style Milano pie. Donning a cozy pair of sweatpants, I took to the couch to watch the eerily realistic portrayal of heartbreak and dating in the fine modern classic, High Fidelity.

couch perspective

With thin, doughy crust dense with cheese and grease, this flavor monster has me hunting down roasted garlic and umami-laced spinach for supremely indulgent bites. Oven-crisped prosciutto keeps a texture of bacon and stores chew-released savory flavors in its folds. This pizza is loud in volume and requires a punchy wine to meet its intensity.


After coravining through a range of trial wines, I found two standouts that met this pizza with contrasting vivaciousness. The first, Domaine Vrignaud – Premier Cru Fourchaume, Chablis, France 2013, offers immediate relief from the heavy flavors of the pizza. This style of Chardonnay, derived from the northernmost reaches of Burgundy, is capable of developing lightning bolts of limestone-driven acidity, a boon in pairing with greasy food. Flavors of fruit and minerality shine through this particular wine without disruption of any oak presence. The sharp edges of acidity are rounded by malolactic fermentation and maturation on lees, adding an element of finesse without stripping away its brightness. This Chablis empowers my palate to crush slice after slice without fatigue from richness.


The second pairing, Algueira – Merenzano, Ribeira Sacra, Spain 2011, is a fruit-centric style of red Galician wine that offers a refreshing contrast to the salty, meaty layers of each slice. While the Mencía varietal is slotted as the region’s red grape with the most potential, the featured Merenzano grape, more widely known as Trousseau or Bastardo, is capable of strutting enticingly vibrant aromas. Though lacking complexity, the wine showcases an abundance of juicy dark berries that make midnight snacking in front of Netflix all the more hedonistic.

jack blackAs for the movie, I’m appalled I ever thought so little of it. John Cusack is still a big whiner throughout its entirety, but that sure is everybody after a breakup. High Fidelity is like an awkward emotional mirror of pettiness and frustration that is thankfully hilarious as well.


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