Week 33 – Cajun: Cheddar Grits & Cajun-spiced Langoustine Pizza

For this week’s Cajun-themed challenge, I decided to play on a basic shrimp and grits dish, splashing in some Cajunspices and substituting in langoustines for kicks. The resulting pizza was straightforward and delicious.

I began by prepping cheesy grits using milk, butter, black pepper, cheddar & cornmeal. The use of cornmeal Instead of true grits I realize negates the credibility of the dish but I stopped caring the moment these “grits” turned out to be super yummy and satisfying, thanks to the abundance of milk, butter and cheese.


Langoustines were tossed in a Cajun spice made up of paprika, cayenne, dried thyme, garlic salt, white and black pepper.
The pizza was built on a light tomato sauce base, which complements the flavors with its bright, umami offerings. Mozzarella, langoustines and grits made up the toppings with green onions to finish the dish.
The pizza was looking mighty fine before its time in the oven.
And still afterwards, despite looking suddenly like a meatball pie.
To pair with the seafood and spice, Australian Semillon, a fresh, low-alcohol white wine, was cracked even before the pizza was done and enjoyed for its refreshing white fruit and pepper mineralogy. It’s a great summer sipper but additionally it supports of range of flavors on the pizza without even trying for the spotlight.
Together, the two made for a light meal with hedonistic hits of cheesy grits. Pretty dope.

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