favorites of lately: Boston edition

boston wasabi lox

photo credit: Au Bon Pain website

5. Au Bon Pain wasabi & lox bagel: nostalgia trump card in play here. this four dollar luxury was the lunch break bagel of my early 20s that forever turned the smoked salmon switch on.

@whitneycummings: “The way you pronounce Au Bon Pain tells me everything I need to know about you”

boston clam chowder

4. Legal Sea Foods clam chowder: a regional chain is still a chain but we go weak in the knees over this chowder, even when served at 6am at the airport.

boston kimpton

3. Kimpton Hotels: after letting us check in obnoxiously early when it was -30 degrees outside, we pledged allegiance by signing up for their rewards program. (yaaay points). each hotel has personality without being diligently overdone with hipster sensibility. looking at you, Ace Hotels.

boston neptune oyster

2. Neptune Oyster lobster roll: been chasing this dream for years. we practically built our trip around this sandwich and it would have made it to number one had there not been an incident immediately afterwards.

boston dat ring

1. that ring: seriously, just look at it. eeeeeeeee.


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