blog on pause.

everything has been peaches. despite those unavoidable bad life things, i’m thrilled to be where i am and doing what i’m doing. the good things keep piling on, swelling my to-do list with tiny manageable tasks, both challenging and fun. i get giddy with thoughts of the future and wouldn’t change a thing.
landa dance

the accumulation of new responsibilities has lead me to a path of mindful organization and planning as has never happened before. over the course of weeks, small victories have been achieved and new ground covered. all the while, chaos has slowly seeped in, filling cracks and accumulating in quiet corners. with the current path i’m on, entropy is so sure to win that survival is all i have now.


this task of keeping a hundred cogs shiny and oiled is exactly the type of tinkering i love, but it can’t be properly maintained without sacrifice elsewhere. thus regularly scheduled programming has been briefly paused to make room for petty indulgences and mental vacations required to keep my sanity intact. the escape route is nearing, order soon to be restored and i hope for a speedy return to a chill, pizza life.hillary dancesee you on the other side.

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