favorites of lately: July 2015

snack shack

5. Snack Shack’s Steak Sandwich

Having collected enough hunger and strength to face a potential meat coma, we closed out an evening at the official drunk food capital of North Park: Carnitas Snack Shack. While the tacos are a mess of tasty pork business, the rib-eye steak sandwich is a slam-dunk masterpiece that makes eaters googly-eyed with just one bite. Specifically this eater, who was, for the record, relatively sober upon indulgence. This sandwich deserves a medal.

bracero cocktail

4. cocktails at Bracero

The arrival of Javier Plascencia’s newest restaurant has sprinkled some thrills into San Diego’s semi-complacent food scene. While the beverage program does shine a spotlight on the burgeoning wine regions of Mexico, the cocktails and their makers are worth a trip all their own. Each drink has been thoughtfully crafted from inception all the way through to execution, showcasing just how much talent they’ve racked up behind the bar.

the bruery

3. The Bruery’s Sour in the Rye

The Bruery has made it onto the very short list of required road trip stops (the other being Hi-Times Wine Cellars) when driving north through Orange County. One sip of Sour in the Rye and you too will be swearing allegiance to these beer gods.

lawn time

2. lawn time

A series of lazy day Mondays spent poolside & day-drinking threatened to waste entire afternoons with general flopping about uselessly until Jason had the brilliant idea of transforming the front lawn into a mini living room. By relocating a set of recliners, we could spend the final hours of gift-wrapped sunshine saying hi to neighborhood dogs, sipping on cider and goofing off with determination. Front porches never made more sense.

garlic1. garlic

Spent a week reuniting with my once favorite everything-topper to help battle a case of giardia encountered during the Great Summer Stress Bonanza of 2015. With science-backed home remedies requiring outrageous quantities of garlic to combat these parasite jerks, I unhesitatingly tackled some long-awaited cooking projects that used upwards of 50 cloves per recipe. To channel some of those sweet-sweet healing vibes, I began by making a big vat of garlic soup to nuzzle my new intestinal friends. Upon further research, it became clear that raw garlic was best to ensure a thorough parasite ass-kicking, thus I unearthed a long-forgotten obsession: Lebanese whipped garlic. My first attempt was rudimentary and acridly painful to consume, which led me to realized just how much time and oil is required for the harsh pungency to spread amongst frothy whipped peaks in order to become edible to a sane person. The addition of toasted naan, chilled cucumber slices and Beijing skewers offered a forgiving aura of normalcy to the asinine amounts of garlic I devoured that week. Thankfully for all but my betrothed, I had 5 days at home to ooze musty garlic sweat from my pores judgment-free.

test pizza

Pizza favorite: Homemade quattro formaggio test pizza

July was rich with experimentation as Drinks & Drinking closed in on Negroni finalists and I began hoarding an assortment of cheeses for pizza research. With mozzarella and parmesan holding steady throughout, this mini test kitchen was the first step towards finding the ultimate four cheese combo to make cheese lovers swoon. As a former cheese-only pizza fanatic, this project goes out to the little pizza kitten within: may she find a dope pizza to funnel all her picky kid frustrations.


Wine favorite: Champagne

Submersion is my chosen method of learning, an especially delicious, if pricey, means of education without an actual plane ticket. It certainly makes for some great pizza lubricant, as future posts will demonstrate.


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